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Support Services

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Supporting thousands of users worldwide

WebQuarters® provides support to thousands of users working for companies in a variety of different industries and operating globally across different timezones, speaking different languages. Combining on site, localised support, with offshore support services to deliver complex ERP system support solutions, WebQuarters® creates a right-sized, structured support environment, optimising performance and usability of ERP systems based on detailed analysis of user and business needs.

Countries and Sites

Through carefully positioned Support Centres, WebQuarters® provides full 24/7/365 Global Support for any organisation using IFS, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Infor M3 applications. Where on site support is required for language, cultural or physical access, offshore support service provision is supplemented through localised support provided by local specialists or relocation of offshore personnel.

Supporting some of the World’s leading organisations

WebQuarters® WebQuarters has enabled more than 800 globally diverse companies to achieve their digital business transformation initiatives. Through strategically focussed support services, combined with project initiatives, WebQuarters® provides a right-sized support team comprising of technical, functional and business experts to facilitate short, medium and long term capability or capacity requirements.

Response and Resolution

Using ITIL best practice, WebQuarters® delivers a bespoke support service aligned to the individual needs of each client. Through Service Level Agreements defined in conjunction with the business and users, and determined through a structured PULSE assessment, WebQuarters® typically exceeds service level obligations irrespective of time zone, location or language.


WebQuarters® specialises in the provision of Support services related to the IFS, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Infor M3 and AX applications. WebQuarters® supports other application typically integrated or associated with these key applications, including Oracle, PrintVis, SharePoint, PowerBI and QlikView.

IFS Services

Working with the IFS application for over 15 years, WebQuarters® has worked with clients in the industrial sectors as well as maritime, automotive and oil & gas industries, to name a few.

Microsoft Services

With recent expansion into the Microsoft markets, WebQuarters® has worked with clients in a number of different industries, more specifically manufacturing, construction and food industries.

Infor Services

WebQuarters® has worked with the Infor Movex and M3 applications for over 15 years, successfully delivering projects across all major Infor markets, including aerospace, food & beverage, fashion and manufacturing.

ITIL Professionals

ITIL aims to help establish support processes, procedures, tasks, and checklists which are not organisation-specific. It enables an organisation to establish an IT service management baseline from which it can plan, implement, and measure its performance, compliance and improvement. WebQuarters® develops right-sized support services designed around ITIL best practice, including service monitoring and reporting. WebQuarters® Support services are delivered through on site and offshore employees and consultants, trained in the ITIL service delivery approach.

1st Level Support

WebQuarters® 1st Level support provides the first point of contact for Support cases. 1st Level support personnel handle less-complex cases and aim to resolve at least 50% of 1st Level cases during the initial contact. Where the issue is more complex, requires more analysis or is initially perceived to be a process oriented issue, the case is passed to 2nd Level support.

2nd Level Support

WebQuarters® 2nd Level Support focuses on the resolution of more complex, functional or process-oriented cases. Typically, where multiple business functions are involved, or root cause analysis is required, or a business process is perceived to be at fault, the case is referred to the 2nd Level Support team.

3rd Level Support

3rd Level Support is provided to resolve complex support cases or to work with the software application vendor to resolve a bug identified in the source code of an application. WebQuarters® does not just facilitate the release of the fix, WebQuarters® Support ensures the fix resolves the issue and ensures that any business change is facilitated through the release and associated processes or user trainings are updated to reflect change.

5 Global support centres

Through carefully positioned Support Centres in Sri Lanka, England, Manila, Edmonton and Melbourne, WebQuarters® provides full 24/7/365 Global Support.


WebQuarters® provides support services in a number of different languages. Where specific language skills are required, WebQuarters® uses its global support centres to identify and recruit specialist personnel with the right mix of language, technical and functional skills.

Support PULSE

Taking into account both user perceptions of the current support service provision along with the needs and aspirations of the business, WebQuarters® Support PULSE identifies everything an organisation needs to know about their support landscape – including – annual cost of support, number of dedicated support staff, current case cost, cost of 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support, how many Super Users/Key Users are involved in support, what is the impact of support service provision on day-today activities and which recurring cases could benefit from root cause analysis and resolution.

Introducing CORE Support

WebQuarters® CORE Support provides the tools to analyse the support needs of an organisation and design a right-sized support service. CORE Support incorporates the strategic Support requirements with the business objectives to align business as usual and project initiatives with support, optimising business strategy, people, process and technology.
WebQuarters® CORE Support delivers a return on investment from the typical “insurance based” support services through case resolution, root cause analysis, documenting the problem, delivering a resolution and case mitigation strategy to reduce recurring issues and finally providing the right personnel both onsite and offshore to bridge capacity and capability shortfalls, enabling your people to work more effectively in the business.

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Engaging WebQuarters®

To understand how WebQuarters® Support can help you optimise your business and deliver a return on your investment in Support services, please contact us

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